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Learn & find the answers

Learn all the basics you need to choose and use a camera, and get hands-on coaching from one of our pro photographers and DPReview staff. Enjoy fun, practical demonstrations throughout the show and experience first- hand how to take great photos in a variety of shooting scenarios.

  • The DPReview Experience
    Meet the DPReview staff, bring your questions for the experts, and learn how DPReview can help you choose a camera.
  • Photo Fundamentals
    Learn the basics of using your camera, and learn photography basics that will make you a better photographer.
  • Camera tear-down
    What do advanced digital cameras look like inside? See what happens when you dissect a camera one piece at a time with iFixit.

Hands-on photo activities

Come and experience the world of photography in our unique photography playground! Try your hand at a new photo technique, discover how the latest technology is transforming image making and sharing, and have some fun shooting street performers on our special photo stage.

  • The Imagine Project
    Participate in a live version of The Imagine Project. Tell your own 'imagine story' and add your story and portrait to a giant 'imagine wall.'.
  • Exhibitor Activities
    • SONY: Play with cutting edge Sony cameras, learn about 4D focus, shoot in a special 'low light' room, and learn about photographing moving water
    • Samsung: Play with the latest Samsung cameras, experience the latest in virtual reality gear, and learn about photographing in front of a green screen
    • DJI: See flying drones in action and learn what's involved in becoming a drone pilot
    • LensRentals: Play chess with a $150,000 chess set made entirely out of telephoto lenses
    • Lensbaby: Learn to take amazing and surreal photos using unique lenses from Lensbaby
    • DxO: Turn your iPhone into a supercharged pro camera with the groundbreaking DxO One camera system
    • Sigma: Explore the world of photographing amazing critters

Discover the world of photography

Find out what's happening in the world of photographic technology, from drones to apps to the latest printing and sharing solutions. Get inspired by beautiful photo galleries and find out just how easy it is to get professional photos of your own friends and family, events and pastimes.

  • Exploration zone
    Explore a world of photography and learn to use a camera to shoot things that can't be seen with the naked eye.
  • PMA 'How it's Made' Lounge
    Discover the wide range of creative products you can make from your photos and get a behind the scenes look at how many of them are made.

PIX 2015 photo walks

DPReview presents PIX Photowalks. Get your hands on gear and take to the streets near the show with PIX sponsors and DPReview staff to learn new techniques and hone your photography skills. Each Photowalk will be 1 hour and will include a featured photographer. There is a small ($1.99) fee to reserve your place. Click here to sign up now!

  • Seattle Center Photowalk - Introduction to Photography
    Learn all the basics you need to get great pictures with your camera with photographers Jordan Stead and Dan Bracaglia. Presented by
  • Chihuly Glass Museum - Lensbaby Photo Walk
    Learn how to use special lenses from Lensbaby to create uniquely beautiful photos. Hosted by Mike Faul, Lauren Wilcox and a editor. Presented by Lensbaby.
  • Mobile Photography Photowalk with DPReview & DxO
    Take mobile photography to the next level using the groundbreaking DxO One camera with your iPhone or iPad. Hosted by noted mobileographer Brad Puet and pro photographer Jordan Stead. Presented by DxO.
  • Street Photography Photowalk - Belltown
    Pick up tips on street photography from award-winning photographers Rinzi Ruiz and Ibarionex Perello. Presented by Samsung.
  • And more to come!

Exclusive show deals

Get exclusive event deals on a wide range of cameras, lenses and accessories, courtesy of

re:FRAME photography talks

Taking place in the beautiful lecture theater at McCaw Hall, PIX2015 features an inspiring line-up of some of the best photographers and industry experts in the world sharing stories about the impact of photography in their lives and work. All talks and keynotes will be streamed live. You can watch all recorded presentations on the videos page.

Live stage demos & talks

We have a packed schedule of live demos and presentations on the main expo hall stage. It's a unique chance to learn from some of the world's leading photographers!

  • Tim Grey
    Five minutes from 'click' to share
  • The Editors of DPReview
    How DPReview testing can help you choose a camera
  • Dianne Maroney
    How to start your own Imagine Project
  • Jared Polin
    Impactful Photo Stories & Photography Q&A
  • Eric Wolfinger
    How to take amazing food photos
  • Bambi Cantrell
    Working in shapes and shadows
  • Dixie Dixon
    Building relationships with the people you're photographing
  • Joe McNally
    How to get the right lighting when shooting any group of people
  • Brian Ach
    How to connect with a person when you have limited time to shoot a portrait
  • Jonathan Alcorn
    Photographing a place where you live with Instagram
  • CC Chapman
    Using photography to drive your ideas
  • Matthew Kumasaka
    Astrophotography: How to capture the night sky
  • Wasim Muklashy
    What photography did for me: getting out of my comfort zone to focus on the moment
  • Rinzi Ruiz
    How to use the sun as a single source of light
  • Laura Winslow
    Taking photos of children
  • Jared Ivy
    The evolution of photography and how we capture images
  • Colby Brown
    How to tell compelling travel stories through photography
  • Cristina Mittermeier
    Giving purpose to photography
  • Patrick Murphy-Racey
    How mirrorless cameras have changed photography
  • iFixit
    Live camera teardown by iFixit
  • Panel Discussions:
    • DPReview 'Ask Me Anything'
    • Protect Your Privacy Online
    • Your Biggest Win and Biggest Fail
    • Connected Photography: Why You Should Care
    • Using Photography to Drive Social Change
    • Photography and the Environment
    • Making the change: From Stills to Video
    • How Social Media Has Changed Photography

PIX 2015 photo galleries

Get inspired by the stunning photo galleries in the beautiful setting of McCaw Hall's lobbies. Confirmed galleries include:

  • FeatureShoot Gallery
    Vertical living, a phenomenon that encompasses high-rises, tower blocks, and skyscrapers, is changing how we inhabit the world, in both beneficial and unsettling ways. Is vertical living the solution to poverty, overpopulation, and environmental destruction, or is it the cause of greater pollution and unsustainable living conditions? This group show will explore those themes with images from photographers around the globe, curated by FeatureShoot Editor-in-Chief and founder Alison Zavos.
  • Getty Images Legacy Collection
    Getty Images, the world's leading visual communications company, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with its milestone Legacy Collection – an expertly curated retrospective of Getty Images' most ground-breaking, significant and memorable imagery. A rich visual history showcasing some of the world's biggest moments, the Legacy Collection has been curated from Getty Images' unrivalled growing collection of News, Sports, Entertainment, Archival, Reportage and Creative imagery. DPReview and Getty have partnered to curate a subselection of 20 images to be shown at PIX.
  • Youth in Focus
    Youth in Focus empowers urban youth, through photography, to experience their world in new ways and to make positive choices for their lives. By putting cameras in the hands of youth and placing them in a challenging environments surrounded by talented teachers and nurturing adult mentors, Youth in Focus creates a strong community of support. Through photography these students find their voice, identity, creativity, and gain new confidence in their worth and abilities. This group show will present a cross section of work from students in recent years.
  • Blue Earth Alliance Gallery
    Blue Earth believes documentary photography can inspire positive change, and supports visual storytelling on critical environmental and social issues through direct assistance to photographers and a collaborative community of professionals. This group show is curated by BEA founder Natalie Fobes and will feature photographs from current Blue Earth Alliance projects.
  • DPReview User Gallery
    A gallery showcasing the amazing talent and creativity of the community of photo enthusiasts.
  • Soulumination Gallery
    Soulumination celebrates the lives of children and parents facing life-threatening conditions by providing professional photographs of these special individuals and their families, free of charge. The life-affirming photographs of Soulumination are an enduring, positive record of the child's life, and provide a loving legacy for the children of parents lost to terminal illness. This group show presents a selection of images curated by Founder Lynette Huffman Johnson.
  • Samsung Imagelogger Moments
    Samsung brought together a group of 50 influential photographers and filmmakers – Imageloggers – from across the country who ditched their DSLRs and picked up Samsung’s award-winning NX mirrorless cameras. This gallery highlights the photographic work of 8 of those Imageloggers who capture moments from coast to coast. Join Samsung and the Imageloggers as they share their experiences and discus the stories behind the shots. This gallery was curated by Samsung Digital Imaging.
  • Sigma Curious Critters Gallery
    Go eye-to-eye with some of North America’s most incredible animals through the award-winning photography of Sigma Pro David FitzSimmons. With images so stunningly life-like, so fabulously detailed, you’ll believe these amazing animals are swooping, swimming, and singing right before you. Meet birds, butterflies, fish, and frogs—and many more truly curious critters—all larger than life. You’ll never see nature the same way again!