Jared Polin

Jared Polin

Jared Polin, AKA FroKnowsPhoto, is one of the largest photo personalities and talents in the world today.


My name is Jared Polin AKA the Fro from FroKnowsPhoto.com. I started FroKnowsPhoto with the idea that I would utilize video to create free “fun and informative” content to help photographers of all skill levels.

Over the past 5+ years I have created over 2000 free videos for YouTube and Facebook which averages out to over one video per day. I have gained 430,000 subscribers and have amassed 60,000,000 views on Youtube and become one of the largest social influencers in the photo community.

PIX Talks

Tuesday Oct. 6, 5:00 – 5:25 PM • Expo stage