Joshua Trujillo

Joshua Trujillo

Seattle-based visual journalist Joshua Trujillo documents people and events so you can talk about ideas.


Cameras and skilled photographers are ubiquitous. But visual journalist Joshua Trujillo can capture images that get attention amid all the visual noise that constantly bombards society. He takes his camera where others are not going. He documents the ordinary in unique ways. He is always looking for the little moments that add up to a larger story.

Working as a visual journalist since 1999, Josh uses his craft to document the unique and ordinary. He excels at working in uncontrollable environments or in situations where he can collaborate with a subject to create the perfect image. He works to capture the perfect storytelling moment —both moving and still. Josh has worked at major U.S. newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and, the first major metro newspaper to make online their focus.

His work has been published in almost every major U.S. newspaper and magazine, including on the front page of the New York Times and full page features in People Magazine and Sports Illustrated. His photos are often shared via the Associated Press. But probably more rewarding, his photos have been featured on countless refrigerators in the communities where he has worked.

Josh is on the board of the Society of Professional Journalists, Western Wash. and is a co-founder of Northwest Photojournalism, a group that supports and educates photojournalists in the Pacific Northwest. He also can be found occasionally teaching photography classes to everyone from college students to first-graders.

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